Monday, October 3, 2022


Calling himself A Diamond in the rough.and none other than Montreal's very own Kemar has been Influenced by some really big names in the music industry such as, Aaliyah, Frank Ocean, Kelly Price, Erykah Badu and Chris Brown, just to name of few.

In the break of 2011 KEMAR decided to pursuit a solo career in spite of his love for R&B music. Forwarding to 2015 KEMAR, was discover by a talent development and management company who aided KEMAR in performing with Montreal's finest, Shahara and The Determination band, Montreal's very own K103.7 fm urban scene ambassador and Juno award judge Don Smooth and Montreal's own pioneer HipHop influencer/godfather Butcher-T, as he grace few stage over years of development. In 2018, he has opened for the likes of Davido. 

KEMAR released Space & Time early Spring 2022 and has released a The Official Music Video for 'Circles'. He also still working on releasing new music soon. Be sure to follow him on Spotify and watch out for this R&B sensation, KEMAR.



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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Introducing AK Kavalli

 AK Kavalli born and raised in Newport News, Virginia AK Kavalli is on his way to becoming a forerunner for   VA music. Not only does he weave through melodies easily, he's a true wordsmith as well and can rap with the best of them. On top of that, he plays multiple instruments fluenty, can read music, and produces music. A true all around musician, something that the industry has yet to see! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Introducing Flow4Thought : New Single Out Now 'Toxic'


Approximately ten years ago, Dezmonde Thomas developed his stage name and presence within the music scene. 

As the New Jersey native stepped into his new shoes as an artist, he embodied his new alias…Flow4thought. He described the meaning behind the name, “F.L.O.W. is an acronym which stands for, ‘For Love of Writing’. I added 4 thought because I love to allow my listeners to apply their own interpretation to my poems and verses.” Following the introductory phase of his music career Flow4thought initially used MySpace to engage with listeners and release music. 

In 2017 the talented rapper un￾veiled an EP titled 'Soul Food & Eye Candy'on all DSPs which captured the attention of new supporters. The release of the new project was an eyeopener for Flow4thought as it revealed the business aspect of music. He expressed, “I realized record￾ing music was actually the easy part. The business aspect of what goes into making a hit record is ten times more tedious than recording it.”

With his keen ear and ability to adapt to change within the industry, Flow4Thought has maintained imperative relationships and the attention of his fans. He understands the importance of networking and investing in oneself and plans to continue to climb the ladder within the entertainment industry. Flow4Thought has been working diligently to create timeless music for the world to hear.

2022 year will undoubtedly be a big year for the young artist as he prepares to unleash consistent content and bless many stages. 

While in the studio, Flow4thought focuses on the messages within his songs. Although he understands the importance of a catchy hook and dynamic word play, he remains authentic, setting him apart from other artists. He stated,“Music has the abil￾ity to shape the environment it’s being listened in. That’s why I find it so important to focus on the messages within my craft.” 

When asked what advice he has for other independent artists, Flow4thought expressed, “From personal experience, I have learned that patience is a virtue. As much as you want things to happen overnight, it’s almost always never the case. A slow grind is better than no grind in the sense of bringing your passion and career to life.”

Click The Link Below & listen to the new single 'Toxic' & be sure to follow Flow4Thought on social media!






Wednesday, March 25, 2020

#IndieGrindSpotlight on Ran Blacc 'Stop Playing Games ft XI DA MC

#CrownRepublik is based out of #LasVegas & they are back at it
with some #FeelGoodMusic.
Check out this new music video from Rann Blacc & XI DA MC
It’s called ‘Stop Playing Games’.
Crown Republik is known to deliver a powerful message thru
#HipHop & this new single is no different.
Rann Blacc is set To Carve A New Path Thru Hip Hop,
Encompassing All Genres Of Hip Hop.
Based On The 4 Pillars Of Hip Hop,
Crown Republik definitely Brings New Roots To This New Age Hip Hop.
Click the link below to watch it on You Tube ▶

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

#IndieGrindSpotlight on Jamie R new single 'ALL NIGHT'

My bro Jamie R just dropped the hottest music I've seen in 2020.
New Single 'ALL NIGHT'

Make sure yall click the link below &
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Twitter @JamieRichardss

 Instagram @officialjamiermusic

Introducing Tora Woloshin

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